the vessel broken



a puzzle

a beautiful image


light beaming

through the lines


not diminishing





container to small



light within



living art






words: Earthen Inspiration

Image: Expansion and the City of London
Bronze, Electricity and Mixed Media
76” height x 35 “ width x 17” depth (with pedestal)
Artist Proof 1/1 – photographed in London, UK

the shadow side has hope

Briefly I peaked out at you
That glint behind
The green iris of my eye
That was me

I was there
Confident in my calm
Firm in my ability
But …

We woke the child

The child numb with inattention
The one hiding
Under the table
Rocking and holding her head

I think, maybe you noticed her?
You called to her
Intentionally or not
She heard you

She recognized your voice
And peered shyly
From her self made cave
With wide eyes of desperation

You spoke softly to her
She took a small step
You whispered
she ran into your arms

You weren’t prepared for
The dirty little match girl
With icy hands
And frozen feet

She was close to dead
Under nourished
Dressed in rags

I, the glint you saw in
A mostly green eye,
Didn’t know she was hiding
Until you called her out

As much as I love her
She was a mess
She thrashed
She screamed

We cried

I had to thaw her feet
Warm her hands
Feed her
The pain was excruciating

For both of us

She is warm now
Content in the knowledge
She is cared for
And loved

I, the glint, am back
I can once again
Face the world
With confidence

I hold her close
She is content

Can you forgive her?

For surprising you?

Can you see
The child you saved
The goddess you warmed
As they are today?

I, the glint behind
The iris of an eye,
Hopes you can…

We have life
and love to share

With the beautiful
Soft voice that called to us
From the living side
Of the veil


Author: M Alexander-Deakins


Rising From Ashes

has awoken
the tomb’s seal has cracked
hope gleams through the crevices of wax
no longer is her light consumed
by creatures deep
that need to sleep
Shining forth
to share
warm light gently rising
slowly melting
long shadowed in
times’ embrace
Hope warms
joy pulsates
excitement comes alive
her flame uncovered
illuminating reserves thought
lost with youth
to find…
radiance abounds
strength lives
companions to
fused in
One Love
now Incandescent
she lives
M Alexander-Deakins


Connection to the world around me is sacred. I love to find the sweet, soft emerald moss that hides in sheltered places, the shy violet that grows under an apple tree, the mountain stream that giggles it’s way down a mountain, a magnificent sunrise or sunset. I love the bond between horse and rider as each connects with the other, communicating on a plane other then mere earth. These treasures seem like spirits to me, and kindred at that.

I live in Alaska were winters can be long and dark.  I find the weather can be depressing and it often feels never ending.  Still, when the gift of a spirit that connects with me comes in human form it is like basking in long missed sunlight. One can survive long dark winters appreciating every stray sunbeam you come across. Yet, to me, a kindred spirit is like being able to retreat to a brightly sunlit beach, with the gentle aroma of salt, the calming rhythm of the waves, the sun beaming into my shoulders and a gentle breeze caressing my face.

I am grateful for all of the kindred spirits in my life. From my dear childhood friends to the kindred spirits I have discovered on line, to the souls that brighten my life each day.

Each is a shaft of sunlight to my soul.


The Wind

There is a breeze blowing through my heart.  Blowing into the corners and rounding up the dust and cobwebs. Suddenly, gusting through and blowing open the door, taking the dross with it, blowing out into a landscape of aliveness.  The sun streams down, the sky is  deep azure, gardens abound.

I stand in the door way in stunned amazement.  When I have peered through the windows in the past it was often raining or overcast.  The landscape covered with wintering plants.  Occasionally, a rabbit or squirrel might be seen, but little other life.

I am struck with what the wide world has to offer.  So much to see and explore.  Through the book, This i Know, by Susannah Conway the breeze began to sigh.  With a decision to be brave and do something, along with meeting a group of people that has added much color to my life, and, of course, my family and dear friends, the wind has grown to a zephyr that has taken my breath away.

If I were sailing I would be powered completely by wind, my hair streaming back, the sun warming my skin, listening to the soft woosh of the hull and the water passing each other.  There are some ominous looking clouds in the distant future, but right now I am gloriously alive and present in this moment.

Where are all the people?

It is quiet. I can hear the clock ticking and the hum of the refridgerator. It is overcast and raining today, but the wind advisories have finally stopped. The leaves on the fall trees seem to glow with their own light source. There is a fire in the fireplace and it seems cozy, yet a bit lonely here today.

My life seems to reflect this quiet, at times.  While many people are trying to find ways to simplify there lives and make time to reconnect with real people in their lives, I am here.  Not exactly waiting, but trying to find kindred spirits to share my life with.  It does lead me to wonder why people shut down toward new friends as they enter mid-life.

Do we become so gun shy of relationships that we can’t be bothered to reach out? Tierd? Afraid to be vulnerable? Why do people shy away from others that wear their heart on their sleeve? Am I just inept at making new friends?

I try to live an authentic life of as much compassion as my human soul can manage (which is far from perfect.)  I tell people when I am looking forward to hearing from them (and I am looking forward to hearing from them.)  I invite people to dinner, I call and arrange lunch dates, yet the invitations so rarely come my way.

Am I looking for advice? I think, not.  Maybe, just to know that there is someone else out there that experiences this.